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Rechroming of screen baskets

Rechroming of screen baskets

The geometry is the focus

Due to operational wear in screening, the heads of profile bars frequently wear out. Replacing the chrome layer ensures constantly high screening quality.

The sales and service employees at Voith are specially trained in the analysis of screen baskets so as to be able to determine whether rechroming is necessary. If so, the old chrome layer of the screen basket is completely removed. It is especially ensured that no change in the geometry of the profile head comes about. The slot width of the screen basket also remains unchanged.

Chrome is one of the materials least susceptible to wear and can also be applied repeatedly. This makes rechroming the most economical alternative for wear prevention in the case of screen baskets.

Rechroming is provided for the entire screen basket portfolio from Voith and for those of other manufacturers. The service is also specifically available for hole screen baskets.

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