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Reel drum design

Reel drum design

Eliminating winding errors, reducing broke

The reel drum design is an important element for error-free winding, along with the web draw, line load path and center torque. Having the optimal winding structure facilitates further processing.

To solve winding problems in a targeted fashion requires the right combination of design features. Retrofitting a rough coating or a rubber cover thus improves the friction on the paper web and eliminates slipping of the reel drum at the required web tension.

By means of fine grooves or holes on the reel drum, the air boundary layer that is transported along with the underside of the paper web is taken up, and “floating” of the web is prevented. The adaptive rubber cover seals the nip to the reel spool and limits the amount of air to an acceptable degree. Altogether, the broke due to winding errors can be reduced through optimal reel drum design.

Various reel drums with distinctive design features are available at the Heidenheim Paper Technology Center. Customers can conduct winding tests with their original paper to determine the optimal design.

Reel drums are used in the reel section and provide for coordinated design and optimal winding.