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Finer cuts for your winder

RollerBar is an innovation for your winder featuring spreader bar technology that enables finer cuts along the entire paper web.

Conventional two-drum winders struggle to deal with particularly narrow formats and large numbers of cuts. To prevent the web from drifting, the cuts have to be extremely precise. Until now this could only be achieved at the expense of quality and was very time-consuming. Voith engineers have now developed a solution for your winder: the highly accurate RollerBar spreader bar.

The RollerBar is used in winders and guarantees narrow cuts over the complete width of the web. The pneumatically adjustable roll segments can be adapted to any requirements. RollerBar stops the web from drifting sideways, prevents married rolls and reduces rejects during production. Thanks to its easy handling and the visual control of each setting, RollerBar optimizes roll quality in your paper production.