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Rotor Refurbishment Service

Rotor Refurbishment Service

Worldwide service for long-lasting stock preparation

With the Rotor Refurbishment Service from Voith, you extend the service life of your flat screen rotors and reduce wear-related energy and fiber losses.

Heavy contaminants in recovered paper cause wear on the flat screen rotors and thus bring about the loss of the original geometry. This has a direct influence on efficiency in production and leads to increased energy consumption and increasing fiber loss. Regular and professional maintenance of the original geometry through hard surfacing is thus necessary.

High-strength and wear-resistant edges are attached to the flat screen rotors and thus an optimal balance between operating costs and technological performance is achieved. Due to the Voith multi-layer process, repeated and economical reprocessing of the flat screen rotors is possible without elaborate removal of the existing hard surfacing. We have been performing this cost-optimizing maintenance for our customers for several years on the same flat screen rotors.

The Rotor Refurbishment Service from Voith is provided for all rotor and screen plate combinations, regardless of the manufacturer.


Geert Tichler

Global Expert / Productmanager Refurbishment Technologies


t +31 578 579 734