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Screen baskets – rechroming

Screen baskets – rechroming

Reduced wear and consistent operating behavior

Replacing the chrome coating of screen baskets maintains the contour of the profile bars, as well as the underlying screening technology. Small particles in the pulp will therefore not wear down the profile head.

Before replacing the chrome coating, Voith Paper sales and service employees analyze the condition of the screen baskets and determine the respective requirements for rechroming. The old chrome coating is then completely removed so it will not change the geometry of the profile head. Nor is the slot width changed by rechroming.

Chrome is one of the materials least susceptible to wear; it can also be applied repeatedly. This makes rechroming the most economical alternative for wear prevention with screen baskets.

Rechroming is provided for all manufacturers and models of screen baskets. Perforated screen baskets can also be rechromed.