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Screw Press Service

Screw Press Service

Optimize the capability of your press screw

Due to regular and professional maintenance of your press screw, you prevent
wear-related production losses and ensure long operating lifetime.

Deviations in the geometry of press screws which were caused by wear due to operating conditions often lead to production losses as a consequence. Regular and thorough maintenance and overhauling of the press screw is thus necessary to maintain the original capacity of the machine.

With the Screw Press Service from Voith, the original geometry of the press screw is restored by the hard surfacing. In the process, a method is applied that refinishes the edges and continues to protect them against wear. Voith thus provides a service that achieves an optimal balance between operating costs and technological performance.

Use our service for your press screws from Voith as well as from all other manufacturers.

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Global Expert / Productmanager Refurbishment Technologies


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