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Screw presses – screen basket refurbishment

Screw presses – screen basket refurbishment

Increasing the capacity of screw presses

Refurbishment of screen baskets improves the capacity of the screw press. In addition, this maintenance extends the service life of screens and thus increases their cost-effectiveness.

Optimal performance of the screw press is essential for paper quality and cost-effectiveness of a system. Through refurbishment of screen baskets for screw presses, this performance can be improved. It includes, among other things, analyzing the capacity of presses during ongoing operation. This provides valuable information about the wear condition of the screen baskets. The optimal maintenance scenario is for the mill to have a “drop-in” unit consisting of a spare screw, with its outlet bearing arrangement and coupling half pre-installed, together with spare screen baskets.

The repair service for screens in pulp/sludge presses is available for all machine types.