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Improved working conditions through noise reduction

SeaLencer is a sealing strip system for suction rolls. It substantially reduces the noise stress in the area of the paper or board machine, while achieving a longer service life through a lower drive power.

SeaLencer guides the air extracted in the creation of a vacuum at the roll surface outward, moving it through the suction roll sleeve via the stationary suction box on the inside of the roll to the vacuum pipework and to the vacuum pumps. Sealing strips seal the stationary suction box against the suction roll sleeve. The acoustically optimized geometry of the strip eliminates the explosive refilling that leads to “suction roll whistle” in conventional sealing strips. In addition, minimized sealing strip wear allows a longer service life of the suction roll or longer service intervals.

The SeaLencer sealing strip system is used with suction rolls to improve working conditions through noise reduction.