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Sensomat Fit – rebuild concept

Modular modernization for optimal winding quality

The Sensomat Fit rebuild concept is a modular modernization package from Voith Paper. It improves the quality of the winding behind offline calenders, which leads to improved downstream processing.

The Sensomat Fit modular modernization package allows an adapted modernization for older Sensomat systems, which are usually not optimally equipped and no longer meet increased requirements.

For decades, the Sensomat winding system has been ensuring very good winding quality. The current design, the Sensomat Plus E, achieves the optimum in this regard. Depending on the initial situation, various rebuild steps can be assembled in a modular fashion. As a rule, they can be combined independently of one another.

The Sensomat Fit rebuild concept is suitable for system optimization of older Sensomat systems.