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SensoTension LC

SensoTension LC

Exact and constant belt tension

SensoTension LC measures the exact tension of clothing in the wire, press and dryer section. Control signals are directly usable to guide the tensioning device.

The SensoTension LC measuring point is embedded between the guide roll bearing and the machine frame. Tensile forces induced by the respective belt stress or relieve the measuring point and thus act as a force on the sensor. The integrated electronics facilitate comprehensive signal processing in the sensor and enable that control signals are directly used to guide the tensioning device. So a constant belt tension is ensured.

A particular feature of SensoTension LC is that the measurement value does not have to be reduced by the curb weight of the roll, but instead can be directly assigned to a tensile force. Furthermore, erroneous measurements due to contamination are minimized.

SensoTension LC is suitable for horizontal installation situations in the wire, press and dryer sections. For special cases, Voith offers a pivot-point-mounted design, which likewise is equipped with the same unique integrated electronics.




Thomas Buchmaier

Global Product Manager Guides & Stretchers


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