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Service and spare parts

Service and spare parts

End-to-end service for all air systems 

The present innovation and cost pressure is placing the highest demands on the industry and therefore on the providers as well. It is no longer sufficient to make short-term savings by outsourcing. What is more important is to choose the right partner to get the best out of your existing systems in the long term and thus gain genuine competitive advantages. 

In Voith Paper Air Systems you have a competent and reliable partner: We will take care of your system throughout its entire life cycle. Our services mesh seamlessly with one another and it often does not matter where the system was orginally manufactured.

Operability, reliability and availability are ensured by means of preventive and also scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting, while upgrades guarantee a high standard of performance.

In consultation with you our specialists can submit proposals for optimizing or adapting your system to new production circumstances by means of maintenance or rebuilds.

Maintenance schedules can be agreed with you, from a one-off service to the full service package (TASM = Total Air Systems Management ™ ). Long-term framework and servicing agreements, which can even incorporate spare parts, prevent cost blowouts.

Voith Paper Air Systems offers you an end-to-end service for all air systems in the paper, textile, foodstuffs and tobacco industries. We can provide all spare parts quickly and flexibly from a single source.

Our maintenance services (extract):


  • Disassembly / assembly, commissioning
  • Maintenance / inspection
  • Optimization / calibration / adjustment
  • Cleaning of systems and heat recovery units
  • Hygiene inspection to VDI 6022
  • Mobile balancing of fans
  • Provision of spare parts
  • Paper, board, tissue manufacture:

    - Lift gate inspection / overhaul of load securing devices
    - Optimization / adjustment of non-contact drying systems
    - Optimization of Yankee hood drying
    - Drying analysis


95448 Bayreuth Germany


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"The life cyclecosting method is intended to optimize the entire cost and revenue of a system and the associated activities and processes occurring over its life cycle."

[VDI 2884]