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Short paper run

Short paper run

Short paper run for better running characteristics

A shortening of the free paper run is recommended on smooth press rolls. With the short paper run, the paper web runs in a stable and crease-free manner without web flutter.

Through a combination of short paper runs and a suitable air system, such as a blister suction unit before the straight-through press or a TransferFoil before the first dryer cylinder, the paper web can be transported in a stable and reliable fashion after the open run with the aid of the paper-guiding clothing. The paper guide rolls are usually arranged so they pivot, in order to ensure easy and reliable threading of the threading tail. Conversion to a short paper run is worthwhile, making uneven pull lines, web flutter, frequent breaks in the paper web and production losses a thing of the past.

The short paper run and shorter free paper guide are specifically adapted to the respective design of the press roll.