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SkyTerra S

SkyTerra S

Highest wear and contaminant resistance

SkyTerra S is a doctor blade with a hard metal coating for an extremely thorough cleaning of ceramic and composite press rolls. It is characterized by an especially high level of wear resistance.

The SkyTerra S doctor blade incorporates a unique anti-stick coating on the reverse side which allows optimum repulsion of dirt and fines from the tip of the blade. The anti-stick coating avoids contamination passing the blade resulting in lower sheet breaks through a cleaner roll surface.

SkyTerra S has a reduced bevel angle of 30° and in addition offers the possibility of a negative blade facet. Optimal creping off and faster running-in characteristics can thus be ensured.


The steel blade from Voith promises noticeably more intensive surface cleaning and a long service life. It is especially suitable when press rolls have a strong tendency to carry deposits.