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SkyTop plus

SkyTop Plus

Increased running time of the roll due to special liners

The SkyTop Plus doctor blade cleans and conditions the surface of ceramic roll covers with extreme mechanical loads. Special liners provide for a precisely shaped facet.

The SkyTop Plus is a fiber composite that contains particles graduated according to size, along with the proven combination of cleaning fibers and reinforcement fibers. Together with the low-friction, low-wear carbon fibers, they create a well cleaned and finely conditioned roll surface. Additional special liners increase the running time and allow optimal adaptation of the blade to the roll surface.

SkyTop Plus also withstands extreme mechanical loads. The reinforcement fibers crosswise to the direction of the paper are stronger than the cleaning fibers in the direction of the paper. Cleaning and polishing materials strengthen the entire composite.

SkyTop Plus is suitable for cleaning rolls with ceramic covers in all sections of the paper machine.