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SpeedHeater PMLS

SpeedHeater PMLS

Efficient heating, fluffing and homogenizing

SpeedHeater PMLS is a steam heating unit with a short retention time. It provides for efficient heating, fluffing and homogenization of the pulp.

The high rotational speed of the SpeedHeater PMLS provides for optimal process efficiency. It works by means of steam heating in which the steam supply can be precisely controlled. Exact temperature measurement is also made possible. Bleaching chemicals can be homogeneously mixed. Since SpeedHeater PMLS combines fluffing, heating, mixing and homogenizing in one machine. Also the number of machines required in the disperser system can be reduced. That ensures less maintenance and improved availability.

The SpeedHeater PMLS is used to fluff, heat, mix and homogenize the pulp. Its stable operation provides a consistent pulp quality.