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SpeedRod M

SpeedRod M

Time savings thanks to revolutionary rod bed generation

SpeedRod M is an optimization in the area of the rod holder on coating units. The system ensures fast, easy and safe replacement of wear parts. As a result, unplanned downtimes can be reduced significantly.

The SpeedRod M combines all wear parts in one component. This way, all malfunctions and abrasion of the metering rod, metering-rod bed, loading and clamping hose can be resolved with a quick replacement of one single component. The individual wear parts can be replaced outside the machine – without leading to production downtime. In particular, changing of the loading and clamping hose in coating units is very time-consuming and thereby results in production loss. Since introduction of SpeedRod M, this problem belongs to the past, as downtimes of the paper machines can be reduced by up to 90%. Moreover, safety is increased as the hoses are pre-assembled, pressure-tested and less prone to failure.

All SpeedSizers, SpeedFlows and SpeedCoaters that were built after 2000 can be converted to SpeedRod M. Older designs and integration in third-party systems have to be checked individually.