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Easy maintenance of the screw press reduces costs in stock preparation

SplitScreen is the first screen element in stock preparation that makes maintenance quick and inexpensive due to its removable design.

The newly developed design of the SplitScreen screen element shortens maintenance times and thus lowers maintenance costs in stock preparation. SplitScreen consists of a welded support structure and an internal screen plate. Due to the removable design, it facilitates quick access to the press screw over the entire length, to the wearless segments and the screen plate. Along with effective maintenance, the screen plates can be quickly replaced over the entire length. SplitScreen is thus the only screen element available on the market that offers quick and easy servicing of both, the entire low-pressure and high-pressure areas.

All conventional screen elements of the Thune screw press from Voith and of the screw presses from other manufacturers can be converted to SplitScreen. The screen element is also incorporated in the new InfiltraScrewpress, which is part of the new BlueLine product line for stock preparation.