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Reliably dewatering drying cylinders

SteamJoints are steam joints with stationary siphons. They reliably dewater at the lowest differential pressure. Costs can be lowered due to low consumption of fresh steam.

SteamJoints ensure optimal drying cylinder performance at any speed, any pressure and for all paper grades. With stationary siphons, they are an inexpensive alternative to steam joints with rotating siphons, since they ensure reliable dewatering at the lowest differential pressure. In addition, the flow-through steam does not increase as the speed rises, and it remains at the lowest level when the siphon diameter is optimized. The steam flows around the support pipe from both sides, making it heat stable. This provides a secure positioning for the siphon and therefore a consistent heat transfer from the drying cylinder to the paper.

SteamJoints are used in drying cylinders for reliable dewatering.