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Higher productivity due to short threading time

TailBlade is a ropeless threading system that allows reliable threading in dryer sections by means of a doctor blade. It minimizes the threading time and increases production.

The key feature of the system is the TB-B carbon blade, which functions like a removal doctor and has two separate air chambers. The pivoting TailBlade units with integrated blast nozzles are mounted at every drying cylinder. The first tier of nozzles blows constantly in the direction of the drying cylinder and lifts the paper tail from the drying cylinder. The second tier of nozzles blows in a pulsed fashion in the direction the paper is running and fixes the paper tail at the TailBlade, crosswise to the direction the machine is running. The third upper tier of nozzles supports the stable paper run with minimal shreds.

TailBlades are used in two-tier dryer sections and allow an upgrade of the drying cylinders to ropeless threading.