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Stable measurement system for precise measurement results

TecoScan is a new quality control system (QCS) for the quality of tissue paper that allows measurement of fiber weight and moisture content of the paper with only one sensor and without a radioactive source.

The stable design of the TecoScan scanner guarantees dimensional stability, precise measurement results and control of the quality of your paper over the entire service life. The rugged design provides high availability and the lowest maintenance costs during measurement and control.

The measurement system was specifically developed for the requirements of tissue paper manufacturers and allows simultaneous measurement of fiber weight and moisture content with only one sensor, TecoSens, as well as the quality control. It does not use a radioactive source, but instead measures and controls with the aid of spectroscopic infrared measurement.

TecoScan is used as a new system for measuring the fiber weight and moisture content of tissue paper and helps to control the quality of your tissue paper.