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Tensioning devices and guides

Systems for smooth operation

    The tensioning devices and guides from Voith ensure smooth operation of the machine at all times.

    Our HDU guides, stretchers and tension measuring devices provide a stable clothing run, correct tension and redundant measuring of the clothing tension. Therefore, they ensure the safe operation and optimum lifetime of the wires, felts and fabrics. More than 7,900 installations worldwide speak for themselves.

    Application area at a glance

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      Product range

        SensoTension P

        Reliable tension in the press section

        The SensoTension P felt tensioning system provides constant and reliable press felt tension. It gives the felt a longer service life and prevents vibrations and measurement failures. With the SensoTension P, a novel tensioning carriage replaces the old carriage and allows perfect movement and sliding in the guide, eliminating vibrations and wear. An optional measurement with a load cell guarantees reliable and exact measurement, resulting in constant felt tension. All main components of the SensoTension P are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

        Your benefits

        • Vibration-free, and compact design
        • Constant felt tensioning
        • No measurement inaccuracies or measurement failures
        • Low wear and corrosion-free system
        • Reliable felt tension measurement
        • Longer felt service life

        SensoTension DE

        Always an exact dryer fabric tension

        Constantly rising productivity and quality requirements lead to higher demands on fabric and web run, as well as on the dryer fabric tension. Reliable fabric tensioning systems are therefore increasingly gaining significance.

        In conventional fabric tensioning systems, the measurement point is directly integrated in the tensioning device, which often leads to vibrations and contamination. SensoTension DE ensures exact and reliable dryer fabric tensioning through separation of the tensioning and tension measurement functions.

        Your benefits

        • Reliable and exact fabric tensioning
        • Compact load cell design
        • Redundant signal for fabric tension measurement
        • No vibrations

        SensoTension LC

        Exact and constant belt tension

        SensoTension LC measures the exact tension of clothing in the wire, press and dryer section. Control signals are present to directly guide the tensioning device and therefore ensure constant belt tension.

        Unlike conventional belt force sensors, SensoTension LC is dual-channel in its design and thus ensures a constant tension for your paper machine. Due to the continuous comparison of both signals, reliable and stable functioning is ensured and a disproportionate deviation can be detected at an early stage.

        SensoTension LC is suitable for horizontal as well as inclined installation situations in the forming, press and dryer sections.

        Your benefits

        • Reduction of erroneous measurements, since it is not sensitive to contamination
        • More measurement accuracy for exact belt tensioning
        • Heat resistant for temperatures up to 120°C
        • Rugged sensor for an exact and redundant signal
        • Longer service life through rugged design

        HDU Guide

        Reliable and careful clothing run

        The HDU Guide is the optimum control unit for all machines that have an endless clothing run. A spring-compensated servo cylinder in the HDU Guide moves the roll with a pivoting movement on one side and thus controls the clothing run. The movement through a pivot point causes low wear and low maintenance. The HDU Guide with roll can be moved manually or by motor in the machine direction to compensate for a one-sided band run due to misaligned rolls.

        The HDU Guide ensures a safe and smooth clothing run with the lowest air consumption. The roll weight is supported by springs inside the servo cylinder, which keeps the clothing inside the machine even with a pressure loss.

        Your benefits

        • Reliable directional stability of the clothing provides for malfunction-free operation
        • Low maintenance due to a very rugged design and low-wear motion elements
        • Low operating costs thanks to low air consumption
        • Pressure springs in the actuating cylinder enable operation in the event of compressed air failure
        • Wear of web edges extremely low, thus longer fabric life
        • Base alignment can compensate negative running characteristics of the fabric caused by rolls that are not optimally aligned

        HDU Control System Upgrade

        Minimal air consumption through reliable guide operation

        The HDU control system upgrade includes replacement of the pendulum sensor and pneumatic controls in older belt-guiding systems. Clothing wear can therefore be reduced. Instead of replacing the entire guide system, a less expensive option is to replace the pendulum sensor with the relevant pneumatic controls in an HDU control system upgrade.

        The paddle of the pendulum sensor resting against the fabric edge uses a cradle switch to activate two nozzles that control the pressures in the belt-guiding system in the event of belt runoff. The highly accurate design and low contact force of the pendulum sensor serve to maximize fabric life. With low investment costs, clothing wear at the edges can be minimized with the aid of the upgrade.

        The HDU pendulum sensor with controller can be mounted on many of the pneumatic guide models used in paper machines. A prior technical verification is required.

        Your benefits

        • Reliable directional stability of clothing
        • Low investment costs
        • Resource savings
        • Minimal consumption of compressed air
        • Low operating costs
        • Low maintenance effort 

        Run-out alarm

        Reliable protection against damage

        The run-out alarm from Voith ensures that the fabrics or press felts cause no damage in case of a failure of the fabric run control.

        The reliable alert system is a contactless monitoring of the fabric position in cross direction to the machine. Therefore, one unit will be placed on the tender side and one on the drive side. For maximum safety, switches are present in each unit for the alert and for the shutdown.

        The run-out alarm can be used in the forming, press and dryer sections of tissue, board and paper machines.

        Your benefits

        • Increased safety
        • Decrease in accidents
        • Prevention of bigger damages
        • Usable in wet and dry areas

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          Press section

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          Dryer section

          Andreas Ziegelwanger

          Global Product Manager


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            With our fabric guides and stretchers, we make paper machines more reliable and ensure safer production. Through the use of HDU guides in addition with SensoTension stretchers the service life of fabrics can be increased up to 50%. Operator safety is also improved as broken wires are a thing of the past.
            Thomas Buchmaier, Global Product Manager Guides & Stretchers

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