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TerraDry HC+ Express

TerraDry HC+ Express

Excellent coating for Yankee cylinders

TerraDry HC+ Express is a high performance coating for Yankee cylinders specially designed to protect against excessive corrosion and wear but with improved thermal conductivity.

Tissue producers using conventional Yankee cylinders are often confronted with the need to reduce line loads or steam pressures. TerraDry HC+ Express will freeze the optimum Yankee conditions. Its bond strength and hardness will ensure the highest protection from wear, chatter marks and corrosion. The higher thermal conductivity provides more heat to the sheet and can ultimately improve the energy efficiency of drying.

TerraDry HC+ Express is a special coating that provides the optimal solution for tissue production. This special coating convinces with its uniform organic formation and the possibility to be applied on-site. The lower coefficient of friction reduces the risk of scratching from doctor blades potentially improving the lifetime of blades and Yankee. Tissue producers profit from a higher sheet quality, optimum heat transfer and Yankee protection when using TerraDry HC+ Express.

This coating is resistant to all chemicals usually used in pulp and paper production and diluted caustic solutions.


Your benefits

  • Increased corrosion and wear resistance
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • Unmatched homogenic surface (no porosity)
  • Increased surface characteristic
  • Long term control of profile shape
  • Reduced regrinding frequency
  • Longer lifetime of Yankee cylinder