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Test calender at the Krefeld PTC

Test calender at the Krefeld PTC

Analyzing the customer’s paper in detail

Two different test calenders for satinage tests at the Paper Technology Center (PTC) form an important basis for decisions regarding new systems or rebuilds.

Both a Janus MK 2 multi-nip and a NipcoFlex/EcoSoft test calender are available for tests. The combination calender with three separate stacks enables a variety of calender tests due to the combination of hard nip, soft and shoe calender technologies. The high-performance and very flexibly configurable test machines are suitable for all paper and board grades. Qualified personnel ensure smooth execution of the tests and evaluation of the results. The Krefeld PTC provides extensive laboratory tests and analyses, e.g., for gloss, smoothness or roughness. The results are significant and reliable and provide clarity regarding the measures to be carried out on the customer’s machines.

With the test calenders at the Krefeld PTC, the best possible combination of nip pressure, temperature and roll surface for satinage of the respective paper can be determined for the customer’s paper. The test calenders are designed for distributed loads of up to 500 N/mm (Janus, EcoCal, EcoSoft) or up to 1,500 N/mm (NipcoFlex).