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Test winder at the Krefeld PTC

Test winder at the Krefeld PTC

Improving roll quality and determining traversal data

All parameters required for optimal roll quality can be determined quickly and easily on the test winder at the Krefeld Paper Technology Center (PTC).

At the Krefeld PTC, Voith provides a capable and flexibly configurable test winder for all paper and board grades. Qualified personnel and extensive possibilities for laboratory testing and analysis are available for carrying out and evaluating the tests. The tests can be precisely coordinated with the customer’s requirements. The test winder can process rolls up to 1,200 mm in width and 1,800 mm in diameter at a maximum of 3,000 m/min, with basis weights of 12 to 600 g/m². It can be used as a two-drum winder or as a single-drum winder. Steel and elastomer rolls are also available, as well as powered pressure rolls.

The test winder can be used when there are changes or adjustments in the grade range of a winder, for example, and with planned rebuild measures or investments.