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TheWall disperser filling

Efficient fiber treatment through a unique design

The goal of dispersion is to improve paper quality through effective fiber treatment. The new design of the disperger filling, TheWall enables reliable and energy-efficient dispersion.

The innovative design of TheWall allows uniform distribution and feeding of the pulp. This is achieved by the rotor which is equipped with feeding vanes and the strategically arranged distribution teeth. The unique design with its partially closed tooth gaps allows operation of the filling with a gap width between 0.5 – 8.5 mm, with no untreated fibers passing through the filling. TheWall also lowers energy consumption, while improving dispersion of dirt specks and stickies.

Due to the continuous supporting structure, harder wear-resistant materials can be used in the manufacturing of the filling. This increases service life and reduces maintenance time and cost.

Superior results are achieved by combining TheWall with the newly developed Voith disperger InfibraDisp and the Compact Dispersion System. In addition, the filling is available for all current Voith dispergers and select disperger sizes from other manufacturers.