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TissueForm ITY

TissueForm ITY

For excellent tissue quality and machine performance

The forming fabric TissueForm ITY was developed for demanding high-speed applications, offering tissue producers improved performance.

A special woven structure with a very fine surface makes TissueForm ITY unique. The new forming fabric combines a very fine 2-shed paper side for a smooth surface with a 4-shed wear side minimizing fabric caliper. This construction provides rapid drainage and high sheet support whilst maximizing fabric stability. In addition it gives the fabric different features which will affect your tissue production positively – designed for operational excellence!

The whole design of TissueForm ITY is based on the unique and patented weaving concept of TissueForm IT. This forming fabric was developed with a high flexibility to be optimized for the full range of tissue applications – to match and exceed your requirements and expectations.


  • TissueForm ITY - Highest levels of tissue quality and machine performance

Your benefits

  • Excellent drainage at highest speeds
  • Industry high fiber support
  • Industry best width stability
  • Industry high wear volumes achieving record lifetime
  • Industry thin caliper ensuring cleaner operation