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High speed and crease-free transport

TopDuoRun is a dryer section concept for the highest production speeds. It consists entirely of single-tier dryer groups with drying cylinders arranged on top.

Installed beneath the dryer cylinders are drilled stabilizer rolls that are suctioned via ProRelease+ or DuoStabilizers. The stabilizers fix the paper web on the dryer fabric so that it is crease-free during the entire drying process and guide it from drying cylinder to drying cylinder. If there is a break, the broke falls onto a conveyor belt and is transported into the pulper. By means of short dryer groups at the beginning and end of the dryer section, expansion and longitudinal shrinkage of the web are compensated for, so no creases or breaks occur.

TopDuoRun is used in dryer sections, especially if high production speeds are required.