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Total Coater Section Management

Total Coater Section Management

Reducing malfunctions through preventive maintenance

Total Coater Section Management involves revision work on various coating system types to help improve paper quality and reduce malfunctions.

The scope of maintenance work on a coating system depends on the design (online, offline), the type of application (JetFlow, applicator roll, etc.), and the application medium (coating, sizing). Maintenance measures are carried out on the basis of maintenance schedules and checklists. They include checking and setting the unwinder of an offline coating system, checking the swivel joints and the blade clamp at the coater stations and the air drying system. Dismantled parts are overhauled by competent Voith personnel. A long-term service contract allows comparisons over time to highlight creeping changes. Optionally, investigations of the paper quality, vibrations, rolls, drive and applicator are also possible. With Total Coater Section Management, the customer gets a comprehensive service package in which maintenance and provision of replacement and wear parts are all from one source.

Total Coater Section Management is  for coating systems of various types, including the Jagenberg coating system, to reduce malfunctions and improve paper quality.