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Total Dryer Section Management

Total Dryer Section Management

Reducing the breakdown risk in the dryer section

Total Dryer Section Management is a service package for preventive maintenance of the dryer section. It increases machine availability and improves paper quality.

Preventive maintenance by competent specialized personnel from Voith Paper reduces the risk of a breakdown in the dryer section. In the course of Total Dryer Section Management, maintenance work is performed on the basis of checklists and maintenance schedules. Dismantled parts are overhauled, and planning is done for replacement parts and downtime. The service package is modularly structured and coordinated to fit the customer’s exact requirements. Vibrations, misalignments of cylinders, rolls and drives can be investigated as an optional service, and the uniform moisture profile in cross and longitudinal direction can be checked as well. Also as an option, a clothing and roll service can be included in the package.

Total Dryer Section Management is done in the dryer section for reducing malfunctions and improving paper quality.