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Total Headbox Management

Total Headbox Management

Reducing malfunctions in the headbox

Total Headbox Management includes efficient execution of all necessary service work on the headbox. This provides for short downtimes, trouble-free operation and high paper quality.

Within the framework of Total Headbox Management, the overall condition of the headbox is determined. Lists are created for more extensive reconditioning work deemed necessary, and original replacement parts required are identified. Whether a headbox revision is necessary can be determined, for example, through a cross profile analysis by means of M&D ProfileCheck. Regular service work on the headbox and ModuleJet provide for good and consistent paper quality. The slice blade, lower lip, separating wedge and seals are replaced in the process. The required measurements and adjustments are recorded in a traceable fashion. An extensive report with useful diagrams is drawn up after conclusion of the work.

Total Headbox Management is for servicing the headbox to reduce malfunctions and improve paper quality.