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Total Roll Management

Total Roll Management

Comprehensive roll service concept

TRM analyzes and optimizes all factors throughout the entire roll system. This comprehensive concept increases the availability of the rolls and reduces the number of shutdowns due to roll problems.

The aim is to counter rising maintenance costs. This is why Voith provides Total Roll Management for roll maintenance. It is based on intensive collaboration with the paper mill and long-term cooperation. The main focus is on achieving measurable, clearly improved and long-lasting results. The range of services includes roll service, roll covers, examination of the entire roll system, on-site service, coordination of doctor blades, coordination of roll transports and use of the SØNAR roll management system.

The Total Roll Management concept is geared towards achieving three overriding goals. The first goal is increasing the reliability of the rolls. This is achieved through reduction or elimination of unscheduled shutdowns, extended running times and preventive maintenance. The second goal is an increase in quality and productivity. This is achieved through cover and roll combinations and better roll availability. The third goal is reduction of TCO costs. This goal is accomplished with the aid of process optimizations and standardizations and reliable, transparent recording of roll stock, roll histories and service costs.

Voith’s worldwide service locations are available 24/7, 365 days of the year.