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Reduced edge flipping and vacuum-consumption

Exact edge deckle positioning at suction rolls will improve the machine performance directly after start-up

Due to strong light sources TrackLight enables highly precise edge deckle adjustments. As their light shines through the suction roll´s shell the operator is immediately aware of the deckle‚Äôs positioning. This innovation saves time and reduces costs simultaneously, as edge flipping induced broke and unnecessary air blower stress will be avoided.
During a normal roll service your suction roll can be upgraded to TrackLight. This includes several 24V lightsources per suction zone. Operation is simplified by a power switch placed near the roll.

Your benefits:

  • Precise edge deckle adjustment prevents edge flipping
  • Exact display of zone length helps to correctly adjust suction zone and minimize vacuum loss
  • Visual display avoids unscheduled downtime through overstressed movement mechanics