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Stabilization of paper web between press and dryer section

TransferFoil stabilizes the web from the press into the dryer section, eliminating problems such as edge detachment, edge flutter and crease formation.

By means of an ejector effect, TransferFoil creates a vacuum (up to -350 Pa) behind the dryer fabric in the stabilization zone. The supply air is connected to the supply air system of the downstream stabilizers’ air knives.
Use of TransferFoil after a dryer fabric suction roll facilitates ropeless threading to the nip between the drying cylinder and dryer fabric. No air bubble forms between dryer fabric and paper web during feed-in. Due to TransferFoil’s multi-part design, an adjustment of the bodies to the fabric deflection can take place by means of the vacuum.

TransferFoil is used to hold the web after a dryer fabric suction roll between the press and the first drying cylinder.