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Trial laboratory flotation cell Delta25

Trial laboratory flotation cell Delta25

Minimal process risk due to laboratory tests

The Trial laboratory flotation cell Delta25 allows process optimization in the laboratory and avoids cost-intensive, full-scale trials in the mill.

With the Trial laboratory flotation cell Delta25, a general technological assessment of operational facilities is possible at laboratory scale, which turns out to be extremely cost effective. The Delta25 has a self-suction aeration rotor and automatic foam removal. Since the magnetic coupling between the drive and rotor works without the shaft entering the flotation tank, no sealing is required. In addition, the laboratory flotation cell is highly efficient with low solids and fiber loss, with the results of the laboratory tests transferable to full-scale mill operation.

The Trial laboratory flotation cell  Delta25 can be used in many ways, for primary and secondary deinking flotation as well as filtrate flotation.


Herbert Britz

Global Product Manager


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