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Vacuum box protects against uncontrolled displacement of the edge trim

TrimGuard is a vacuum box located within the bottom wire across from the pick-up roll. It prevents edge trimmings from flying into the press causing high maintenance costs.

TrimGuard is a vacuum box with ceramic lining. By placing the vacuum box under pressure with the vacuum, the TrimGuard suctions the trimmings against the bottom wire so that the trim can be cleanly conveyed into the couch broke vat, without fluttering or shredding. Often the edge trimmings tend to fly into the press section and cause damage to the clothing and roll covers there. In order to safeguard the press against edge trimmings being displaced in all operating states, TrimGuard is pivoted away only for changing the wire. In the standard design, pivoting is done by means of manual lifting.

TrimGuard is installed in the wire section under the pick-up roll on the operator and drive side of the paper machine.