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TruSet M

TruSet M

Precisely measuring knife positions and accurately setting formats

TruSet M is a measurement system in slitter sections that indicates the position of the cutting knives and contributes to reduction of broke due to incorrect formats. It operates in a practically maintenance-free fashion.

TruSet M determines the positions of the individual top knives by means of a magnetostrictive sensor and magnets at the knife carriages and displays them in large format on a TFT monitor. The measurements are transmitted to a touch panel via a profibus interface. While the active knife is manually shifted into the desired position, the system precisely indicates the current position on the display (± 0.25 mm). Operator involvement is limited to selection or de-selection of active knives. The measurements appear automatically as soon as a knife is moved.

Truset M is suitable for all winders with manual knife positioning.


Benjamin Kitze

Global Product Manager Finishing Rebuilds


t +49 7321 37 2186