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TurboDryer S

TurboDryer S

Output capacity increase in the dryer section

TurboDryer S hot air hoods allow for a faster and more efficient production without extending the dyer section at all!

In order to increase speed and capacity of the paper production process the drying capacity has to be increased. Usually, this increase requires an extension of the dryer section and entails extensive rebuilds as well as substantial costs. However, the space-saving TurboDryer S module fits perfectly into the geometry and environmental conditions of existing dryer sections. Depending on the paper grade, the hot air hood with recirculating air supplies exactly the right amount of additional thermal energy to increase the speed and output of your dryer section.

Moreover, TurboDryer S allows for a stable web run and has proved to be especially convenient when it really matters: the hot air hood can be easily swiveled away in the event of paper web breaks, for threading or during cleaning and maintenance activities. TurboDryer S thus represents the most cost-efficient and space-saving solution for all those who want to increase the output of their dryer section without investing in complex extensions!