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Uniroll Fit

Uniroll Fit

Optimal spreading effect and low maintenance costs

Uniroll Fit is an upgrade program for Unirolls. Rolls of an older generation are converted to a ball-mounted, single-part design with continued use of existing guide roll shafts.

Uniroll rolls are three-part segmented guide rolls that are noticeably thinner than classic guide rolls. Uniroll Fit includes an upgrade of Uniroll rolls to a single-part design. Operational reliability is thus increased. To maintain the spreading effect, the roll is subsequently coated with the Voith WebTense cover. Tensioning the paper web forces the lamellae of the WebTense roll cover down and to the side, creating an optimal spreading effect. Because the bearing points are outside, it does not get hot inside the paper web. Due to the conversion to ball-mounted, single-part rolls, segmented bearings and associated servicing are eliminated, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The Uniroll Fit upgrade is used for Uniroll guide rolls in supercalenders

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