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V-bag and V-sector

V-bag and V-sector

New components for rebuilding disc filters

V-bag and V-sector stand for a product group of special bags with an optional protector sheet and sectors for rebuilding all disc filters.

The new components are used for dewatering of fiber suspensions in disc filters. Existing disc filters can be rebuilt or exchanged by complete V-sectors with V-bags. They so increase the capacity of old disc filters, offer longer operational life and more stable operation for existing disc filters. V-bags are available in a range of different corrugating patterns and can be customized for special applications. Furthermore, special bags are available with blind stripes to adjust capacity. Protector sheets are to be combined with special bags. They protect the bag and increase both its lifetime and exchange intervals. V-sectors are stronger and more durable than conventional ones. It is of higher quality and increases bag life due to better bag support, especially in combination with the protector sheet.

V-bag and V-sector are suitable for Voith disc filters as well as for non-Voith disc filters.