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V30 upgrade nozzle

V30 upgrade nozzle 

The optimum nozzle for third-party manufacturers 

V30 upgrade nozzles are an inexpensive and quick solution for the exchange of the air-atomizing nozzles for third-party manufacturers. This will give you better moisture cross profiles and make an end of unwanted marks in the paper.

Poor moisture profile and unwanted marks in the paper are often the results of defective nozzle moisturizers. Since the replacement of the complete system is associated with high investment costs, this occurs only rarely. To counteract this problem Voith developed the V30 upgrade nozzles: Here you just have to replace the air-atomizing nozzles instead of completely replacing the nozzle moisturizer. This will give you a much finer spray pattern over a larger volume range compared to competitors’ nozzles, as well as a better paper quality due to a finer mark-free spray application.

Nozzle replacement is easily done by screwing out the old mouthpiece of the nozzle and screwing in the new V30 upgrade nozzle from Voith. Both the spray beam itself and the control remain untouched. Replacement of the nozzle requires a detailed technical check in advance.