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Valve accessories

Valve accessories

Perfect-fit for all applications

Voith offers a large portfolio of various actuators, positioners and a limit switch box suitable for several valve types. Our teams will find the perfect-fit accessories for your paper machine.

The OnC SegmentValve, OnC DiscValve and OnC BallValve series are supplied completely assembled and tested. The modular system allows the same components to be used for different valve types and reduces the spare parts inventory. Limit monitoring is solved via inductive limit switches that are installed preassembled in the limit switch box VS500. The same VP500 equipment is used for all valve types.

Similarly, an identical positioner VP500 can be ordered as an option for all valves to allow the respective valve to be used for control applications. The actuators are available separately as additional accessories. Spare and wear parts are available on request.

Model overview Valve accessories 

Pneumatic actuator A

Pneumatic actuator type A

A-DA     A-SC     A-SO
Voith actuators are designed for optimal function in control for both on-off applications as well as standard applications. Type A pneumatic actuators are specifically made to fit the Voith range of butterfly valves type DV500 and ball valves type SV500. The actuators are available in three versions:


  • Double-acting type A-DA
  • Single-acting type A-SC for spring to close
  • A-SO for spring to open

Pneumatic actuator AD/AS

Pneumatic actuator AD/AS

AD     AS
Suitable for ball valves type BV500 and soft-seated butterfly valves DV550. Pneumatic twin piston actuator, rack-and-pinion principle with self-centering piston guide. Air supply pressure 2 to 8 bar, compared to standard 5.5 bar.


  • Type AD double acting
  • Type AS single acting with spring-return springs in safety cage
  • Namur interface for solenoid direct mounting
  • Cylinder aluminium anodized, blots in stainless
  • Torque range 16 to 4,000 Nm

Electric actuator

Electrical actuator

Electrical drives can be ordered alternatively to pneumatic actuators. Different versions are available.


  • Unique Oden gear system providing extremely high efficiency
  • Easy and fast mounting without need for alignment to the valve spindle
  • No back-up accumulators or sensitive electromechanical components
  • Modern electronics with unique gear technology for extrem accuracy and compactness

OnC ValvePos 500

Valve positioner

OnC ValvePos 500 is an electronically configurable positioner with communication capabilities designed for mounting to pneumatic linear or rotary actuators. As the first of its kind, OnC ValvePos 500 offers direct mounting with a special mountin plate interfacing positioner and valve actuator. The pneumatic actuator has internal air ducts in the actuator housing and thus eliminates external air tubing and mounting bridges. OnC ValvePos 500 features a small and compact design, a modular construction, and an excellent cost-performance ratio. Fully automatic determination of the control parameters and adaptation to the final control element yield con siderable time savings and an optimal control beha viour. Signals 4–20 mA HART, Profibus PA.

OnC ValveSwitch 500

Valve switch

VS500.B     VS500.S
This limit switch box can be used for the manual and pneumatic ball valves BV500, ball segment valves SV500, as well as disc valves DV500 and DV550. These patented systems have self-adjusting limits. Cable glands and integrated terminals are provided for the signals of two limit switches and one solenoid valve in case of direct mounting. The inside mounted inductive proximity switches in two- or three-wire technique, 24VDC PNP are wired to internal terminals. The OnC ValveSwitch is available in two shaft versions.

Distributor Box 510

Distributor Box

The distribution box enables the connection of sensors and actuators to a control system with plug-in and pre-assembled cables. It is robust and guarantees safe operation in various areas of application.


  • On-off valve applications with box on valve
  • Ports for limit switches (open and closed valve position), local mounted solenoid valve
  • Three- or two-wire limit switches
  • Internal spring clamp terminal strip for wires from 0,08 mm2–1,5 mm2
  • 4 ports of M12 female 5-pole
  • Cable gland PG11/13,5
  • Housing material PBT UL 94 V-0, black


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