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Productive, flexible winding system

VariFlex™ is a winding system based on two-drum winder technology. Its flexible layout is designed for various paper grades and constantly high productivity.

Two winder drums make up the VariFlex roll bed. At the beginning of the winding process, the nip pressure required for optimal winding tightness is built up by a rider roll. With increasing diameter, the growing dead weight of the paper rolls takes over this function.

Newly developed elastic covers for the winder drums such as ElaGrip™ and ElaCare™ are used for the constantly increasing line loads starting at a certain paper roll weight. They substantially extend the paper qualities and paper roll diameters of the winding system.

This system is used for winding in a wide range of grades. It is also used as a rewinder for quality assurance or elimination of problem spots in the finished roll.