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Winder for targeted control of the nip load

VariPlus is a winder that was developed specifically for the problem of high line loads with increasing roll weights. The nip loads can be precisely controlled by pressing the winding rolls against the center drum.

With the VariPlus, the winding rolls are arranged in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions at the support roll. By pressing the winding rolls against the center drum, the nip loads can be precisely controlled and set to minimal line loads. The force resulting from the torque of the center drive at the roll periphery can thus be precisely controlled.

VariPlus guides each individual paper roll in its own winding station. This allows cores of different diameters to be used or winding rolls to be produced for different purposes.

The VariPlus single-drum winder is primarily used with specialty paper such as thermal paper, carbon copy paper, cast-coated grades and WFC format paper, as well as especially vibration-critical WFU qualities.

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