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Improved drying through good ventilation

The VentiDoc doctor is for ventilating one- and two-tier dryer sections. It combines excellent doctoring with optimal ventilation of the surrounding dryer pocket.

VentiDoc combines doctor and blow box, requiring only one installation crosswise to the machine. Hot dry supply air is guided to the blow doctors via an air distribution system. The air arrives in the VentiDoc via a supply air connection on the operator and drive side and is distributed via holes in the doctor body directly in the drying cylinder pocket. Depending on the design of the doctor body, it is blown out in three directions. The moisture present is laterally pushed out of the drying cylinder pockets. Accumulation of moisture is thus prevented, and effective, fast and uniform drying becomes possible. The drying rate in the dryer section is increased, and the system works in a more efficient, fast and inexpensive fashion.

The VentiDoc doctor is used in the one- and two-tier dryer section of a paper machine.