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Low maintenance costs and high speed

VibroSoft is a hydrodynamic vibration damper that reduces vibrations for profile rolls and floating rolls, resulting in extended service life of felts, roll covers and doctors.

The paper web and press felt cause vibrations. With VibroSoft, they are absorbed by two hydro-pneumatic vibration dampers. They have a separate pressure chamber in which there is an air cushion in addition to the oil. If the roll sleeve starts to vibrate, oil is pressed out of the pressure chamber into the hydro-pneumatic vibration damper via a throttle element. This produces frictional heat, which is withdrawn from the kinetic vibrational energy of the roll sleeve. In addition, the air cushion is compressed to achieve damping. There is less wear on bearings, doctors and sealing strips. Moreover, the running times of the felt and rolls are extended by up to 50%.

The VibroSoft is used with profile rolls and floating rolls.