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Voith LSC Ash Sensor (Total Filler Content and Composition)

Voith LSC Ash Sensor (Total Filler Content and Composition)

Contactless measurement of filler content

The Voith LSC Ash Sensor measures the total filler content and the filler composition of the running paper web without touching it. A monochromatic iron 55 source provides for the highest level of measuring accuracy.

The Voith LSC sensor model for total ash content and filler composition uses the specific absorption characteristics of iron 55 X-ray radiation to determine the exact total filler content of the paper. The filler composition is determined with the aid of integrated X-ray fluorescence measurement. The percentage and weight per unit area of kaolin, TiO2 and CaCO3 of the paper web are indicated at the end of each traverse. The DynaComp™ function dynamically compensates for any contamination or deposits on the measuring windows, thus a high level of measurement accuracy is achieved along with fewer standardization intervals.

The Voith LSC Ash Sensor is used for contactless measurement of the paper web’s total ash content and filler composition.

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