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Voith LSC Basis Weight Sensor (Krypton)

Voith LSC Basis Weight Sensor (Krypton)

Higher measuring speed thanks to semiconductor detector

The Voith LSC Basis Weight Sensor with a krypton 85 source facilitates contactless online weight measurement of the running paper web up to 1250 g/m².

The measurement principle of the Voith LSC Basis Weight Sensor (Krypton) is based on the absorption of beta radiation by the paper web. A high-performance silicon semiconductor detector is used as a sensor. It achieves a better signal-to-noise ratio than conventional I-chamber sensors and a higher measuring speed. The integrated DynaComp™ function dynamically compensates for contamination and deposits on the measuring windows.

The Voith LSC Basis Weight Sensor (Krypton) is used for measuring the basis weight of running paper webs. It is available in two versions. Model 5112 specifically covers the lower basis weight range from 15 to 400 g/m², while model 5110 is designed for a wide basis weight range from 40 to 1,250 g/m².