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Voith LSC Color Sensor

Voith LSC Color Sensor

Measuring color and white content precisely and reliably with color sensor

The traversing Voith LSC Color Sensor measures the color and white content of the paper without touching it, as well as the concentration of fluorescent optical brighteners according to the TAPPI standard.

The xenon flash lamps integrated in the color sensor illuminate the paper at an angle of 45°. The reflected and scattered light is monitored at an angle of 0° in order to exclude gloss effects. The color sensor measures the intensity distribution of the reflected light. All color data are derived from the measured visible light spectrum. Through measuring the entire light spectrum, it is possible to calculate the exact color data in all known color systems under all known types of illumination. Use of the color sensor on the measuring system plate functions according to the “plug & play” principle, without attaching cables or hoses.

The color sensor is used for measuring the color and white content of the paper web.

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