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Voith LSC Gloss Sensor

Voith LSC Gloss Sensor

Measuring the surface quality of paper online

The Voith LSC Gloss Sensor measures the surface quality of (calendered) paper online. The sensor can be used in an uncomplicated fashion without attaching cables or hoses.

For measurement of surface quality, the paper web is irradiated with a high-intensity halogen lamp. The reflected radiation is measured and guided via special optical units to the detector of the Voith LSC Gloss Sensor. A filter installed in the detector simulates the spectral sensitivity of the human eye. During the measurement, two web guides hold the paper web at the required distance from the sensor with the aid of air nozzles. The measurement data are digitized in the Voith LSC Gloss Sensor and routed to the computer via the standardized field bus. By means of the “plug & play” principle, the sensor can be used on the measurement system plate without attaching cables or hoses.

The Voith LSC Gloss Sensor is used for measuring the surface quality of (calendered) paper. The measurement is done in accordance with TAPPI standard T480 om-90.