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Voith LSC Moisture Sensor (Reflection)

Voith LSC Moisture Sensor (Reflection)

Contactless measurement of moisture content

The Voith LSC infrared moisture sensor facilitates contactless moisture content measurement of the running paper web. It provides a high level of accuracy over a wide grade range, from tissue to board and packaging.

The reflection infrared sensor measures the characteristic absorption of infrared radiation at four wavelengths. Its high level of accuracy facilitates use over a wide grammage and grade range. Measurement of the moisture percentage in the paper web is possible without measuring the basis weight. The efficient optical design ensures a large optical measuring range from 0 to 20% moisture. Measurement of the paper’s moisture can be done directly on dryer felts with a one-sided moisture measurement.

The reflection infrared moisture sensor is used primarily as a “re-transmission” sensor for measurement of the moisture content with tissue applications.